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Snowmobiles: to Solikamsk - It's No Distance
Trips and travelling are exciting in any season. Long-lasting in summer and short weekend trips in winter. But! For off-road and extreme travel fanciers (when off-road vehicle is in the garage in winter) there is always a means of travelling for example a snowmobile, which one can use for just making circles around the dacha or for going on a real male extreme trip. For more details ››

Perm - Savino - Bizyar - Perm
On 5 November a column of 14 snowmobiles, organized by the Perm Off-Road Club assembled at the airport 'Big Savino' so that to pave the path to Bizyar. Running a few steps forward I must notify that we did not manage to pave the path up to the end though we made a wide track stretching at the distance of 6 km of wild desolate road. For more details ››

It Must Be The Shortest Route to the White Mountain (80km)
On the Eve of the Old New Year (January 13) there happened to be the first (this year) serious male expedition on snowmobiles organized by the Perm Off-Road Club and the company 'Dilos-Extreme' (practically a true one-day trip). Maybe not everything was realized but so much the better and more interesting. It was New Year holiday yet! For more details ››

Cherdyn - Nyrob - Valay - the Beryozovaya River Head
In the middle of August 2006 Sergey Valeyev together with his family, Andrey Budin 'Amkar' and Alexey Shurakov had a several-week lasting expedition. For more details ››

Along the Yakshinskiy Merchant Way
The next article in the column 'Russo Turisto' appeared thanks to our readers' response. The unique route conducted by the group of brave Perm citizens within 8 days was paved on the impassable nowadays Yakshinskiy merchant way which used to connect Yaksha (a port on the river Pechora) and the city of merchants Cherdyn. For more details ››

A Trip To the Pomyanennyi (Kolchimskiy) Stone
The Pomyanennyi (Kolchimskiy) Stone is one of the spurs of the ancient Polyudov mountain-ridge, which stretches from the North-East to the South-West for almost 10 kilometres and consists of a number of rocky alps of quaint contour. It looks like a gradually increasing conglomerate of white and red, fine- and coarse-grained quartz sandstone. For more details ››

A Summer Trip To the Chuvalskiy Stone.
In July 2005, having prepared my UAZ for off-road trips, my family and I decided to go in for an expedition to conservation area in the North of Perm Region. For more details ››

A Snowmobile Route to the Plateau Manpupunyor
On the map the name Manpupunyor is written with the letter 'yo'. The plateau is situated beyond the border of Perm Region and Sverdlovsk Region, it stretches along the border of Tyumen Region and Khanty-Mansiyskiy Autonomous Okrug. There are big Ural Mountains 'the Urals' and around them there are some formations which do not join them, they are called plateaus. One of them is called Manpupunyor. For more details ››

The Urals
Our call to send us stories got a respond from the team 'Naydi' headed by Konstantin Zykov. We publish their story about a trip to the Urals. For more details ››

The Off-Road Adventure 'Gubakha - The City Of Contrasts'
Sunny weather, dusty roads, mosquitoes and midges, forest tracks, gullies and marshes - all this combined not only did not prevent the participants of the off-road adventurous expedition 'Gubakha - the city of contrasts' from taking the route, but on the contrary warmed the interest and desire to go further and further to meet those fine exciting things which awaited us.
For more details ››

Perm - New Lyady

I have got a summer house in New Lyady and often while driving a question appears in my mind, why the road to the place is so long and winding.
I have always dreamt to know if I could get to my place by a shorter and straighter way.
For more details ››

Perm - Gubakha (A Fairy-Tale Told At Night)
Long winter evenings and a biting north wind blowing outdoors make you feel like dreaming of far away expeditions and imagining yourself to be an endless land explorer.
So, one day Evgeniy Kopygin narrated me a story about a same trip. Well, it is up to you to believe me or not, but here the story begins…
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