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The Perm Off-Road Club, M. Gorkovo str. 60, Perm, Russia

+7 342 216 00 80


In July 2004 'The Perm Off-Road Amateur Club' acquired the status of juridical person and changed its name into 'The Perm Off-Road Club'. The reason of such changes was that the Perm citizens had long ago become professional sportsmen. And for more effective cooperation we created nonprofit partnership.


In the beginning there was a group of like-minded people with mutual serious interest in all-wheel-drive vehicle, navigation equipment and different off-road races. We created a web-site and opened a shop. Participating in competitions, organized by neighbouring regions clubs and in Championships of Russia assisted the team to become united. The team named 'The Perm Territory' was the backbone of the present club. The place of regular reunions of the members is the caf? 'Pit-Stop' in Podlesnaya, 43.

'The Perm Off-Road Club' is a nonprofit partnership, its main function is mutual aid. To become a full member of the club you have to fill in a questionnaire and pay an entrance fee, in return you will get a club card and a sticker.

From the very start the club has interacted with other off-road clubs, has provided assistance to The Car Sport Federation in organizing off-road actions on the regional level. The club main aims are: organizing of local competitions (which are very numerous by the way) and participating in Championships of Russia.


The club members participate actively in competitions on trophy-raids which take place in the Urals. Our plans are creating a powerful team (or several ones) for taking part in contests with financial, technical and moral support of the club. The club owns a car of technical aid, equipped with all necessary facilities to correspond to any level of the actions being carried out.

Besides the possibility to communicate with like-minded people and exchange experience of off-road driving the club offers:

organizing of outdoor rest;
information about conducted competitions;
ability to buy off-road accessories, communication means, sputnik navigation and others on preferential terms;
a discount on goods in some car shops of the city.

We feel obliged to notify that communication among club members goes much beyond sports actions. Most members of the club keep in touch all the time helping and supporting each other in difficult situations.